Vulkan VIPER Pro Limited Edition GI Navy Blue #33448

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The new Kimono VIPER PRO, inspired by the most traditional of kimonos Vulkan, brings the latest in technology and design combined with finest market trends. With an improved cut, the new VIPER gathers comfort with an even better fit on the athlete's body. Also brings exclusive embroidery, contrasting stitching and custom bias, as well a small patch in high definition and special enhancement, where the kimono is most demanded.


VULKAN GIS ARE 100% PRE-SHRUNK so there are no worries about shrinkage.


Original BJJ Gi, Made In Brazil! 




*Belts are NOT included.



Size Chart


Height | Weight LBS | Size


5'5"-5'9" | 150-185 | A-1

5'9"-6'3" | 185-210 | A-2

6'3"-6'5" | 210-255 | A-3 

6'5"-6'7" | 255-285 | A-4 

Vulkan kimonos weight ( aprox ) by size:


A1 = 3.2 lbs

A2 = 3.6 lbs

A3 = 4.0 lbs

A4 = 4.4 lbs



Exclusive Limited GI;


Contrasting Stitching and Custom Bias;


Embroidery and patches in High Definition;


Pearl Weave fabric jacket with a Medium-Soft rubber lapel;


Reinforced Twill fabric pants; 


100% Pre-Shrunk;


Modern Design.